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Everything you need to know about the fats in Purition: A nutritionist's take on why they're not to be feared

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Fat. It's a word often demonised in diets, but the truth is, that fat plays a crucial role in our health. When it comes to Purition's blends, the fats you see listed on the label are there for a reason – they're a powerhouse of nutrition!
Let's break down what's really in there.

Demystifying fat: Good vs. Bad

Not all fats are created equal! Here's a quick breakdown:

Healthy Fats (Unsaturated Fats)

These are the star players in Purition! They come in two forms: monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Think of them as the "good guys" for your heart. They can help:
- Reduce inflammation in the body, potentially lowering the risk of chronic diseases.
- Maintain healthy cholesterol levels by lowering bad "LDL" cholesterol and raising good "HDL" cholesterol.
- Promote satiety (feeling full) and regulate blood sugar, keeping you energised and preventing overeating.
- Support brain health and cognitive function, thanks to omega-3 fatty acids found in ingredients like chia seeds.

Unhealthy Fats (Saturated and Trans Fats)
These are the ones to limit. They can contribute to negative health outcomes like increased LDL cholesterol and heart disease risk.

The power of plant-based fats in Purition

Purition sources its healthy fats from real, whole-food chopped and ground nuts and seeds. This is fantastic because:

Nutrient powerhouse

Nuts and seeds are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants alongside the good fats. This delivers a well-rounded nutritional punch.

Natural fibre source
These plant-based ingredients are a natural source of fibre, which further aids in digestion, keeps you feeling full, and promotes a healthy gut microbiome.

Clean and minimally processed
Unlike some ultra processed foods that might contain unhealthy fats, Purition sources its fats directly from nature. This ensures you're getting pure, unadulterated goodness.

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What's on the label and why it matters?

A typical serving of Purition powder boasts around 12g of fat. This might seem high, but consider this:

Serving size matters 
This is a moderate amount, especially when compared to the overall nutritional profile of a complete meal replacement shake.

Fat source makes a difference
These fats come from nutrient-dense sources; nuts and seeds. This means you're getting a dose of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants along with the good fats.

Balanced for you 
Purition is crafted with a balance of protein, fibre, and healthy fats to keep you feeling energised and satiated throughout the day.

The fats in Purition are there to support your health, not hinder it.

They provide essential nutrients, promote healthy digestion, and keep you feeling fuller for longer. So, embrace the healthy fats – they're a key part of Purition's commitment to providing you with a delicious and nutritious way to fuel your body!. 

I can personally vouch for Purition's benefits

As a nutritionist with over 10 years of experience, I can personally vouch for Purition's benefits and regularly recommend their wholefood nutrition blends to my clients.

I enjoy it daily to support my health and find it to be a natural way to balance my hormones. The balanced blend of protein, healthy fats, and fibre keeps me feeling energised and satisfied throughout the day.

So, ditch the diet demonisation of fat and embrace the good stuff Purition offers!

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Clemmie - Purition Ambassador

Written by Certified Nutritional Therapist Clementine Pellew-Harvey

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