Wholefood Nutrition for a healthier way to lose weight

One small change. One less meal to worry about.

The convenience of a shake without the compromise

Traditional shakes want you to replace all your meals but don’t contain any real food. They don’t fill you up between meals and they don’t work to fix your diet, the underlying cause of weight gain.

Purition is different! Made from whole foods, real food, that keeps you full for a healthier, once a day, approach to weight loss that works.

nutritional mealsnutritional meals

Instead of a traditional diet shake, replace one meal a day with Purition

It’s a shake, yoghurt-bowl or instant porridge for breakfast or lunch, that is ready in seconds and fills you up for hours.

Repeat daily to kick start healthy eating and weight loss.

This one simple change, changes everything...
Real food meal shake


To keep you nourished and feeling full between meals.


At breakfast or lunch.


We all need this.


From seeds and nuts.


In fewer, better, calories than before.


More Whole foods

To keep you nourished and feeling full between meals.


More Protein

At breakfast or lunch.


More Fibre

We all need this.



From seeds and nuts.


Nutrition from 12-14 different plants

In fewer, better, calories than before.

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Banana 40g
★ Most Popular   
Strawberry 40g
★ Most Popular   
Cherry Bakewell 40g
Macadamia & Vanilla 40g
★ Most Popular   
Mixed Berry 40g
Vegan Banana 40g
★ Most Popular   
Chocolate & Hazelnut 40g
Coconut 40g
Pistachio 40g
Chocolate (Cocoa) 40g
Coffee and Walnut 40g
Chocolate Orange 40g
Almond 40g
Almond & Orange 40g
Vegan Mixed Berry 40g
Limited Edition
Vegan Beetroot 40g Limited Edition
Vegan Cherry Bakewell 40g
Curcumin (Turmeric) 40g
Vegan Strawberry 40g
★ Most Popular   
Vegan Vanilla 40g
★ Most Popular   
Limited Edition
Peach & Apricot 40g Limited Edition
Vegan Chocolate & Hazelnut 40g
Vegan Pistachio 40g
Vegan Chocolate (Cocoa) 40g
Vegan Coconut 40g
Vegan Coffee & Walnut 40g
Vegan Chocolate Orange 40g
Vegan Almond 40g
Vegan Almond & Orange 40g
Limited Edition
Vegan Blackcurrant 40g Limited Edition
Vegan Curcumin (Turmeric) 40g
Limited Edition
Vegan Peach & Apricot 40g Limited Edition
Vegan Hemp Original 40g
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Everyone loves this one simple change

Whether it’s the time they save in the morning, the variety of flavours, wholesome nutty textures or the Feel Good Factor of eating healthy...

I lost over a stone in weight
The best shakes I've tried
This is a joy
In 3 weeks lost ten pounds

A quick healthy meal so you can get on with your life, instead of dieting.

Eating healthily every day doesn't have to be stressful or hard work. With Purition for breakfast or lunch, you’ll have one less meal to worry about, every single day!

It’s easy to work into your existing lifestyle

Purition works with Weight Watchers, Slimming World, mediterranean, low carb, ketogenic, intermittent fasting, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian diets.

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