Vegan nutrition, simplified. Protein, fibre & omega-3s in one easy whole food shake

A better made, better for you alternative to vegan shakes & protein powders.

  • Certified Vegan by the Vegetarian Society
  • Rich in vegan protein with all 9 essential amino acids
  • Packed with essential omega fatty acids
  • Full of healthy fats & fibre
  • Gluten-free & soy-free
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Transform your diet with plant based whole foods

Just blend Purition with nut milk or stir into dairy-free yoghurt for a balanced vegan breakfast, lunch or post-workout snack at your fingertips.

100% vegan

All plants! Free from animal products and certified vegan.

Rich in vegan protein

With all 9 essential amino acids, making it easy to keep protein levels high.

Packed with omega-3s

From 7 seeds and nuts, which can benefit heart, brain, eye & skin health.

Bag of Purition Vegan Strawberry with glass

Save time

Ready in under 30 seconds.

Natural ingredients

Just nutritious plant-based meals with authentic flavour. No artificial flavourings, sweeteners or food additives.


Made with mainly British or European vegan ingredients to ensure the lowest possible food miles.

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Phillipa Garner, Co-founder and head of customer experience

Purition is a small, healthy and balanced meal alternative made from real, whole-food ingredients, is naturally high in quality protein, fibre and healthy polyunsaturated fats to effortlessly support a healthy, balanced vegan diet.

It is also a natural source of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B9, E and the minerals calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, selenium & zi

Phillipa Garner, Co-founder and head of customer experience
Vegan smoothie bowl, chocolate shake, protein balls and strawberry yoghurt bowl on wooden plank

A whole foods plant-based meal, ready in seconds. No prep, no fuss

The key to staying healthy or losing weight on a vegan diet? Eating more natural whole foods and fewer processed vegan alternatives.

It can be difficult to find time to cook every meal from scratch, but Purition can do the hard work for you.

Enjoy a whole food plant-based meal, without all the faff. Manage your weight, save time & money and eat healthier than you ever have before.

Loaded with the nutrients you need to stay healthy on a vegan diet

  • Packed with vegan protein from multiple sources, with all 9 essential amino acids, which contributes to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass.
  • Rich in healthy fats (essential omega-3 and -6 fatty acids) from seeds and nuts, which provide energy and help to keep your heart, eyes, brain and skin healthy.
  • High in fibre, which digests slowly to keep you feeling fuller for longer and supports your gut health.
Glass of Purition Vegan Chocolate with nutrition labels

We’ve already helped thousands to reach their goals on a vegan diet

Jars of nuts and seeds

Real food ingredients, with zero junk or additives

Purition is made with minimally processed whole food ingredients, in small batches, every day.

That’s things like pumpkin seeds from Northern Greece, where they’ve been grown for generations. Sunflower seeds from the fields of France. Or chia seeds and golden linseed from British farms.

There are no fillers, no artificial sweeteners or flavourings and no synthetic nutrients, making it easier than ever to follow a whole foods plant-based diet.

New to Purition? Start with a Discovery Box

Purition Vegan Discovery Box with 6 sachets
  • Certified Vegan
  • Pick your own flavours
  • 100% real food ingredients
  • High protein, high fibre, low-sugar
Pick Your Flavours

Sustainable wholefood nutrition. Better for you & better for the planet.

We put planet before profit. That’s why 75% of our ingredients come from the EU (45% of which are from the UK) to ensure the lowest possible food miles.

We’ve ditched plastic scoops and generate absolutely no food waste. Our HQ uses renewable energy. And we even offer Carbon Neutral delivery by DPD for over 90% of deliveries.

Even better? Our 40g sachets come in 100% recyclable paper packaging and we’re actively looking for a more sustainable option for our larger packs.

Edward Taylor standing outside Purition office, holding bags of Purition

How to make Purition

Vegan shake

Blend with 200-250ml oat or nut milk for a nutritious and filling vegan meal shake.

Tip: Blend in a few berries for extra natural sweetness.

Quick yoghurt bowl

No blender? Mix with 125g coconut yoghurt for a creamy and crunchy yoghurt bowl.

Tip: Top with berries or flaked coconut for even more flavour.

Purition Vegan yoghurt bowl with nuts and berries
Purition Vegan instant porridge topped with berries, coconut and seeds

Easy instant porridge

Cold day? Stir a dash of hot nut milk or water into Purition for a thick and satisfying low-carb vegan porridge!

Tip: Top with a few berries or stir in a few chopped nuts to add a crunchy bite.

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