How we're working differently

Green washing? It's a real problem. There's more ‘green’ marketing hype than ever before, but buying renewable energy or planting a tree with every order is no solution to global food waste or Co2 emissions.

Purition does things differently. Our aim is not carbon neutrality, carbon negative or even net zero, because these buzzwords are pretty meaningless. Our aim is to maximize sustainability, which does mean reducing carbon, but not just by buying carbon credits or planting trees.

Our goal is to create nutritious products that better your health, but leave no trace on the environment. After all, for Purition to be truly good for you, it needs to be good for the planet too. That's why we make difficult and costly decisions that always favour planet over profit.

Better ingredients

The future of food isn't vegan meat substitutes, nutritionless refined powdered shakes, lab grown meat or even insects. The future of food is increasing sustainable agriculture and growing more whole foods, which is why we're pioneering a back to basics recipe approach.

Purition is the only product of its kind made from at least 70% whole foods, instead of refined powders and food additives. This immediately makes Purition more sustainable than any other product.

We acknowledge that some ingredients, like Californian Almonds, are not produced in a sustainable way. We're working on finding sustainable alternatives.

Better sourcing

We pay a premium for British & European ingredients and, in some cases, work directly with producers to get ingredients grown in the UK.

That means paying more for British produce like whey protein, hemp seed, golden linseed (flax) and chia seeds. And it means buying premium European pea, pumpkin and sunflower protein instead of cheaper, lower quality, imported protein powders from Asia.

Our products are made from ingredients from both organic and conventional farming, since not all of our ingredients are produced organically and locally. We’d rather use conventionally farmed British produce, than organic all the way from Asia.

Better packaging

We’re pioneering paper packaging, which is produced and printed in the UK. This packaging costs 5x more than plastic, but we’ve done it because it was the right thing to do. We also buy recycled cardboard boxes.

Paper packaging isn't strong enough for our larger 500g bags, so while we're still packaging them in plastic, we'll switch to paper as soon as innovations allow. We won't use ‘compostable’ plastic pouches or 'biodegradable' packaging, as they're the biggest green washing scams going.

So called ‘compostable' packaging can only be composted in industrial composting conditions and won't rot down in landfill. As none of us have commercial composting facilities at home, this packaging doesn't completely degrade and, instead, leaves behind damaging micro plastics.

Carbon Trust Certified

We make our products in a B-rated energy efficient building, powered by renewable energy, and heat our water and underfloor heating with sunlight.

We use electrical and mechanical equipment to be as energy efficient as possible, including heat recovery ventilation, district heating and cooling.

Reducing, reusing, recycling everything

After recycling all of our cardboard, paper and plastic, we send less waste to landfill than the average family home. That means separate bins for cardboard, paper and plastics, not ‘mixed recycling', which more often than not, goes directly to landfill.

And we generate no finished product food waste, which helps you to reduce your food Co2e footprint.

We’re also proud to have been the first nutrition company to stop including plastic scoops and champion the use of a simple spoon for measuring.

Offsetting delivery Co2e

We only work with couriers with a plan to deliver sustainably and who offset carbon emissions responsibly.

Our delivery bags are made from 80% reclaimed material and are 100% recyclable.

Zero tolerance to greenwashing

We don't buy trees to cover up a problem or look good. Instead, we invest in sustainable ingredients and better packaging, production and working practices.

We’re here to make a difference and listen, so if anyone can tell us how we can do better to reduce our impact on the environment, we’ll do it, regardless of the cost to the business.

We welcome your thoughts, feedback and ideas on any issues surrounding Purition and sustainability. If you’d like to get in touch, please send an email to, thank you.


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