Vegan Cherry Bakewell 40g - Purition UK
Vegan Cherry Bakewell 40g - Purition UK

Vegan Cherry Bakewell 40g


Best for new customers, each sachet is a full meal so you can try a mix and find the flavours you love.

Only 200 calories per serving, with 16g protein and 12g of fats, every flavour is ultra-low lactose, gluten free with no additives or nasty stuff. Just real, delicious food ingredients.

High Protein

High Fibre

Low Sugar



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Purition Wholefood Sachets - Purition UK

Purition Wholefood Sachets

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Purition Vegan Wholefood Sachets - Purition UK

Purition Vegan Wholefood Sachets

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 Whole Foods

Full of everything your body needs, made from minimally processed whole foods.


Feel Full For Longer

Protein, fats and fibre give you long-lasting energy & keep you feeling full, for longer.


No Additives

No chemicals, no artificial sweeteners or flavourings, no junk.



It’s also soy-free, ultra-low in lactose and good for diabetics, too.

About Cherry Bakewell

Nutrition with a cherry on top

Our nutritious twist on the British bakery icon, Cherry Bakewell. It’s gently flavoured with ground almonds and freeze-dried sour cherries to recreate the sweet, fruity and comforting taste you know and love. Made with locally-sourced whole foods, it’ll keep you full, provide natural energy and support your health in every way.


Packed with natural nutrients

Every bag packs in 150g real freeze-dried cherries and even more vitamin-E-packed almonds than our regular flavours.

It’s rich in everything your body needs but free from everything it doesn’t. That means no artificial sweeteners or flavourings, no fillers and not an additive in sight.

Cherry Bakewell Serving suggestions

Cherry Bakewell shake: Blend 200ml milk with 40g Cherry Bakewell for 30 seconds. Add ice for a thicker, cooler shake.

Creamy yoghurt bowl: Stir 40g Cherry Bakewell into 120g yoghurt. Why not top with a cherry or two?

Instant porridge: Add a dash of hot water or milk to 40g Cherry Bakewell. Stir and add more liquid until you reach your desired consistency.

Cherry Bakewell energy balls: Pulse blend 40g Cherry Bakewell, 1 cup unsalted nuts, 1 cup soft pitted dates. Add a dash of milk or water to bring the mix together if needed & roll into balls. Keep in the fridge.


High Protein

High Fibre

Low Sugar

Carbs per servings



Made in the UK

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over 120,000 happy UK customers

I have been using Purition products for 4 months now and have not only lost a stone in weight, I feel amazing! So easy to make and I feel full.


I feel nourished and healthy when I enjoy a Purition shake for breakfast or when I’m in a rush . I feel like I have energy but never bloated. I love the natural, nutty taste and texture.


Purition is an absolute god send. I'm down 5lbs. I've struggled for over 18 months to get this weight off. I'm ecstatic. It's stopped me snacking and I'm not craving carbs at all.


I have to say, wholeheartedly, that Purition is the best food that I have come across in my entire life. It saves me money on my weekly shop, for me, it is a superfood. My skin has improved dramatically.


I’ve gone from being so exhausted I would actually take a nap break at 3-4pm, to having really consistent, good energy levels. I rarely feel bloated, have no IBS issues, and my skin is clearer. 


Absolute GAME CHANGER. I wish I'd discovered Purition years ago! Pure, healthy ingredients and tastes so good. Fills me up for hours and I feel great. 


I started replacing lunch with a Purition shake a few months back. It keeps me full and so I don't snack. I eat sensibly for dinner but don't actually diet. I have dropped from 75kg to 67kg in 4 months!


I feel full up all the time and satisfied. I haven’t felt like I want to snack at all and the tastes of the flavours are subtle and nutty, which I really enjoy.


I'm really impressed by not only how good it tastes, but how I'm not tempted to snack by mid-morning as I did after my usual bowl of porridge. A game-changer for sure!


I am trained in nutrition and I believe in this product 100%. They give me energy to get through the morning without snacking and are fabulous for the odd lunch or dinner when there is no time to cook.


I like the texture of the food, it's ever so slightly grainy when mixed which attests to the nourishing nuts and seeds within. I like how it's packed with fibre too that keeps you pleasantly satisfied for ages!


Using Purition for the last 12 months has enabled me to lose over 16 pounds in weight and reduce my blood sugar levels so that I am no longer diabetic and in remission. 


Super impressed with Purition. The quality of their product’s is second to none, really fast delivery. I’ve tried protein shakes before, but this, for me is the real deal.


My husband has reversed his type 2 diabetes & lost 3 stone using Purition as part of a calorie controlled diet. I've also lost 2 stone & feel so fit & healthy.


It's the best way I can fuel up before hard training, without bloating, or the horrific fake sugar taint that many protein shakes or meal replacements have.


It tastes great and since I've been using it I definitely feel like I recover better and quicker than I used to and have less colds etc.


No more indigestion, no more bloating and I don’t feel hungry until 1pm. Best breakfast solution ever!


I feel full after my shakes until my next meal, no powdery aftertaste, lovely nutty flavour and it doesn't affect my stomach.