Why does Purition use stevia?

Stevia is far and away the best natural sweetener to replace sugar in those recipes that require a little natural sweetness to balance the overall flavour. At Purition we believe a tiny amount of Stevia is better than using sugar, especially for those of us following a low carbohydrate/keto diet. In a 70kg batch, we add less than 30g.

Stevia is a natural plant-based sweetener that is some x400 sweeter than regular sugar, contains zero calories and has no impact whatsoever on blood sugar.

The Stevia we use is very different from the Stevia sugar replacers you might buy at the supermarket. We use a steviol glycoside called Rebaudioside A, (Reb A for short) which has the least bitterness of all the steviol glycosides. If used sparingly there should be no unpleasant metallic aftertaste.

Sweetness encourages over-consumption (hungry for more) because human brains are hardwired to crave sweet things. We don’t want to encourage a sweet tooth, (even if it’s zero calories and has no impact on blood sugar) because returning to ‘real’ food and a seasonal diet (that’s naturally low in sugar) will provide meaningful and sustainable better health.

In stark contrast, many supplements and so-called nutritionally complete companies are riddled with vast amounts of sweeteners, flavourings and ‘masking agents’ to fuel your addictive neurons to make you crave more ultra-processed, refined ingredients. Part of Purition’s longer-term strategy is to retrain your taste buds to want fewer sweet things.