What's the difference between Original & Vegan flavours?

The only difference between our Original and Vegan flavours is the protein source. Original flavours contain additional protein from whey protein isolate, while Vegan flavours contain additional protein from pea, pumpkin, sunflower and hemp.

Unless you're vegan, start with our Original blends. Most people prefer it, due to the naturally earthy taste of plant proteins.

Even if you have a lactose/dairy intolerance, give Original a try. The whey is from triple filtered British milk with all but trace amounts of lactose, milk fats and casein. It's from British milk, which means no growth hormones were used and the cows are reared outdoors on grass.

You could always try a mix of both as part of your Discovery Box to see which you prefer.

Difference in ingredients between Purition Original & Vegan