I want to follow a low-fat diet, can Purition help me?

As far as we understand, a low-fat diet is generally defined as providing less than 30% of its energy from fat.

It’s estimated that the average woman needs to consume 2,000 calories a day (2500 for men) which equates to 600cals and 750cals (respectively) secured from fat.

Assuming you stick to a 40g serving of Purition with a nut milk that should equate to no more than 120cals from fat, around 20-16% of your daily fat intake, which for a single meal is reassuringly low.

Yes, Purition contains ‘healthy’ fats from seeds and nuts, but as explained this remains a very low number per serving. Of course, you could opt for a protein shake with negligible fat, but then you’d struggle to metabolise fat-soluble vitamins.

The sheer convenient simplicity of relying on Purition for one of your daily meals removes a little unnecessary ‘what to eat’ stress out of your life; allowing you to focus your thoughts and time on getting that tasty, well-balanced evening meal just right.

The real nub of what we’re trying to say is irrespective of whether your priority is good health, weight loss or healthy diet to look any way other than real food is a false dawn.