Is Purition's packaging recylable?

Our 40g sample packs are now packaged in certified recyclable paper.

Our paper packaging costs 5x more than plastic, but we’re doing it because it was the right thing to do. The paper can be recycled with your normal weekly newspaper and card collection.

Paper packaging isn't strong enough for our larger (500g) bags, so while we're still packaging them in plastic for now, we'll switch to paper as soon as innovations allow. We won't use ‘compostable’ plastic pouches or 'biodegradable' packaging, as they're the biggest green washing scams going.

So called ‘compostable' packaging can only be composted in industrial composting conditions and won't rot down in landfill. As none of us have commercial composting facilities at home, this packaging doesn't completely degrade and, instead, leaves behind damaging micro plastics.

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