How much milk should I use?

200-250ml of your favourite!

The short answer is about 200-250ml with 40g-50g serving, but there is no need to be precious about it. You can add as much or as little as you like.

Want your shake thicker? Just add less milk / dairy-free alternative or add ice. You could add 40-50ml of hot water or warm milk to make instant porridge or a tiny splash of coconut milk to make protein or energy balls.

Don't forget you can also add Purition on top of 125g (ish) of plain Greek style yoghurt.

If using water, please add some ice and fruit before blending otherwise your shake will be watery and you will be disappointed.

Purition is made better to be better for you, with no food additives or refined powders to make it thicker or improve the feel. We will never compromise your health adding anything less than the very best, whole and natural ingredients.