Do you add folic acid?


We do not add any synthetic, highly-refined or ultra-processed ingredients.

Our commitment to minimally processed whole foods means we are only interested in the vitamins and minerals found in naturally occurring, ‘real’ food ingredients.

A 40g serving of Purition has approximately 17-23µg Folate. For more information on the ingredients and nutrition facts of each of the Purition flavours, please head to our ingredients page.

The daily recommended amount (NRV) for adults is 200µg, so if you want to ensure that you reach your daily goal, the best way is simply to eat whole foods that are naturally great sources.

Some fantastic sources of Folate are: Spinach, kale, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, beans and legumes (peas).

Just throwing in and blending a serving of spinach (80g) and a handful of berries or a third of a banana with your Purition, you can supercharge Purition and add approximately 100µg Folate to your daily intake. Don't worry, you'll barely notice it's there!