The ultimate 7 day keto meal plan

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We think that the very best meal plan is the one you’ve written yourself – you’ll already know the recipes off by heart, you’ll typically have most of the ingredients to hand, and you’ll know how everyone else in your household likes it.

Seriously the best keto meal plans, or any meal plans for weight-loss, are the ones you create yourself by making simple swaps. If you eat anything, it’s super easy to make healthier low-carb swaps (like regular white rice for broccoli or cauliflower rice).

If your diet’s a bit more restrictive, just drop us a line with your favourite dishes and we’ll make some suggestions because we’re nice like that!

Meal plan ideas and recipes

If you are looking for inspiration, here are 4 meal plans – there’s something for everyone! 

If you’ve not heard of Stone Soup, Keto Kitchen or the Pioppi Diet Lifestyle Plan – you need to look them up! Try them, they’re awesome resources (we’ve linked them above).

We use them ourselves, they come fully endorsed, tried and tested – for the record we make no money from these endorsements we recommend them because we love them…

Stone Soup meal plan

Here’s our Founder Edward’s meal plan:

SummerMidweekMidweekMidweekWeekend (busy)Weekend (relaxed)
BreakfastnonenoneOne thick sausagePurition shakenone
LunchPurition shakePurition with Greek yoghurt
Purition shakeTomato and mozzarella olive oilBacon, sausage, 2 eggs, tomato, mushroom
DinnerChilli con carne with cauli, cheese and sour cream (eat until you’re 75% full)3 egg onion omelette with large greek salad
Steak or chops with oven roasted sweet potato fries and caesar salad
King prawn (or chicken) balti with cauliflower rice
Roast chicken and all the trimmings
SnacksnoneSlice of cheesenonenoneHummus chilli sauce and veggies
DrinksTea, waterTea, waterTea, waterTea, water, wineTea, water, wine

Here’s our co-founder Phillipa’s meal plan:

SummerMidweekMidweekMidweekWeekend (busy)Weekend (relaxed)
BreakfastnonenonenoneScrambled eggs & avocado/spinach/smoked salmonFull english
Lunch50g Purition50g Purition50g Purition40g Purition if needednone
DinnerLemon broccoli with grilled chicken Veggie or chicken Fajitas, guacamole, sour cream, cheese
Lamb kofta, greek salad, Pitta and Greek yoghurt mint dressingSalmon and garlic roasted mediterranean vegetablesRoast chicken and all the trimmings
SidesGreens with every mealGreens with every mealGreens with every mealGreens with every mealGreens with every meal
SnacksHandful of unsalted nuts1 x Square 70% dark chocSmall piece/slice of hard cheeseHummus & raw veggiesnone
Tea, coffee, waterTea, coffee, waterTea, coffee, waterTea, coffee, water, g&tTea, coffee, water, wine

Here’s Dr Aseem Malhotra’s meal plan from the awesome Pioppi Diet Lifestyle Plan.

SummerMidweekMidweekMidweekWeekend (busy)Weekend (relaxed)
BreakfastScrambled eggs with tomato chilli salsaSmoked salmon and avocado with seed crackersSweet potato rosti with poached eggs and harissa creme fraisChocolate coconut porridge with poached cherries. Sub Purition PorridgeBoiled eggs with asparagus and bacon soldiers!
LunchRoast veggies, labneh, pomegranate and walnut saladChicken caesar salad
Cauliflower steaks with feta cheeseGrilled halloumi and kale salad with tahini yoghurt dressingVeggie frittata
DinnerMeatballs in roast tomato and garlic sauce with sweet potato noodles.Roast aubergines with feta and herbs
Tandoori Masala salmon with Raita
Jerk chicken cauliflower pizza
Roast chicken and all the trimmings
SnacksGreen Salad TenderstemGreens Mixed SaladColeslaw
DrinksCoffee before 11am, water then one glass of wine with dinnerCoffee before 11am, water then one glass of wine with dinnerCoffee before 11am, water then one glass of wine with dinnerCoffee before 11am, water then one glass of wine with dinnerCoffee before 11am, water then one glass of wine with dinner


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