Purition Strawberry

Who doesn’t love strawberries? Naturally sweet, a little bit tart and full of goodness, Purition Strawberry is our best-selling fruity flavour of all time.

It’s naturally flavoured with strawberries from Europe, which are picked at peak season and freeze-dried to lock in all the natural flavour and nutrients.

Both the Original and Vegan flavours are made with our signature plant-based blend of seeds and nuts, triple-filtered whey or plant protein, plus beautifully sweet freeze-dried strawberries.

Vegetarian or vegan

High Protein

High Fibre

Low Sugar

Carbs per servings



Made in the UK

All about Purition Strawberry

Made with real freeze-dried strawberries

No fake flavourings, no artificial sweeteners. Enjoy the clean, unadulterated tang of real freeze-dried strawberries with the equivalent of 240g fresh berries in every single bag.

More than simply delicious, these potent berries boast heart-protective qualities, high levels of immunity-supporting vitamin C and bundles of health-boosting antioxidants.

You could even call them nature’s candy. At their peak, they’re as sweet as any sugary treat, without all the refined sugar. Purition Strawberry contains just 1.1g sugar per serving but boasts a naturally sweet flavour to crush your sugar cravings.

Packed with natural nutrients from whole foods

High fibre? Check. Rich in healthy fats? Check. Triple-filtered protein? Check check check. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, have more energy or simply feel healthier in yourself, Purition Strawberry can help you get there.

Purition is a nourishing whole food meal that’s ready in seconds, making it easy to eat healthy every day. Packed with the essential natural nutrients your body needs, it will instantly improve your diet, keep you fuller for longer and provide a steady release of energy to fuel your day.

Strawberry smoothie bowl recipe


  • 40g Purition Strawberry
  • 50g Greek or coconut yoghurt
  • 50g your favourite milk
  • Handful frozen strawberries


Pulse all the ingredients in a blender. Add more milk until you reach your desired consistency. Pour into a bowl and top with sliced strawberries and a light sprinkle of chopped nuts or seeds.

More Strawberry serving suggestions…

Strawberry shake: Blend 200ml milk with 40g Purition Strawberry for 30 seconds. Add ice or a few frozen strawberries for a thicker, cooler shake.

Strawberry yoghurt bowl: Stir 40g Purition Strawberry into 150g yoghurt and top with a few sliced strawberries.

Instant strawberry porridge: Add a dash of hot water or milk to 40g Purition Strawberry. Stir and add more liquid until you reach your desired consistency.

Strawberry protein balls: Pulse 40g Purition Strawberry, 1 cup nuts, 1 cup pitted dates and a few strawberries in a blender. Add a dash of nut milk to bring the mixture together and roll into balls.

Serving suggestions...

Strawberry breakfast shake

Strawberry instant porridge

Strawberry protein

Strawberry smoothie bowl

Strawberry pudding

“I’ve been having Purition daily a month now and I love it! The Strawberry flavour tastes great and this comes from someone very fussy when it comes to food. My diet was awful so I started Purition as a replacement for lunch purely to have ‘something’ healthy daily, but it has prompted something of a completely unplanned health kick. Seems I just needed something enjoyable to realise not only junk food tastes good.”

Lee, Verified Purition Customer