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“Purition offers the ability to add in and maximise your nutrition needs.

I love recommending Purition to my clients as a wonderful food addition. Rather than the ‘taking away’ mentality that seems to dominate the health and wellness industry, what Purition offers is the ability to add in and maximise your nutrition needs.

As a nutritionist, the meal I get asked for advice on so much is breakfast – and Purition offers a fantastic solution for those stuck in the toast/jam and cereal rut.

“Our bodies need the correct balance of nutrients to function optimally. Stress, pollution, poor diet, and, in fact, just the impact of everyday living can all combine to deplete us of these essential nutrients and disrupt our natural equilibrium. This leaves us vulnerable to system imbalances and the related physiological processes…

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Diet and lifestyle are EVERYTHING

Poor health is individual to you. It may display as migraines or IBS, bloating, weight fluctuations, immune reactions or pain. Such symptoms arise from the interaction of our unique genetic code with our environment, or what we term ‘triggers’ in functional medicine. A trigger is any stimulus that causes a bodily system to react, such as a food, a hormone, an infection from a virus, a bacteria or a toxin.

A great analogy of this model is to think of our genetic code and ancestry as the bullet in the gun, and our environment as what pulls the trigger. By examining your dietary and lifestyle choices in detail, I can provide a specifically tailored plan to meet your unique needs and health concerns. I use the principles of functional medicine in my work, which aim to unravel the core imbalances that underlie or cause ill health rather than simply offering short-term fixes to the symptoms that arise from a condition. ” 

You can visit Tanya Borowski Dip CNM, mBANT, mIFM Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Nutritionist at her Clinic, Health and Wellbeing Shop in the heart of Lewes.

“A beautiful, warm and inviting space. The front of house team welcome you with a detox water or herbal tea whilst you relax in the waiting area and browse the health and wellbeing library.”

Personally handpicked by Tanya, the shop stocks a small and perfectly formed choice of natural, nutritional, health and wellbeing brands – including Purition!

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Health Retreats and Masterclasses

Tanya runs events and retreats for the general public and fellow practitioners. She offers one-day Functional Health Retreats, 3-day and 7-day Residential Functional Health Retreats, and collaborates with other health professionals to offer practitioner Masterclasses. Visit the website for more information.

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