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We often get asked how best to use Purition as part of a healthy lifestyle and the answer couldn’t be more simple. Swap out your usual breakfast for a shake and do nothing else. It’s these little, sustainable changes that make all the difference and leave you feeling a whole lot better for it.

Award winning fitness blogger Sian (known as @sianliftsweights) put our method to the test by swapping in Purition for breakfast on 12 consecutive days and tells us how she got on.

Thank you Sian…    

Hey everyone! How are you on this fine MONDAY?!

I am here today to talk about my my new obsession: Purition.

Now if you have followed me for a long time, you will know that I am not a big breakfast eater. Thanks to my intermittent fasting days, long gone are the days of having breakfast in the morning, plus I don’t have the time when I get up for the gym at 5am and have to have my bum in my office chair by 8am.

Let me tell you though, the last few months I have noticed that I haven’t been living my best life. By 8am I am starving hungry, I feel like I have zero energy and I struggle to concentrate. I have noticed productivity in my job role slipping a little, but I just haven’t found anything that I can take to work for breakfast that I enjoy.

That’s why I was super excited to try the Purition 12 day challenge, swapping my normal breakfast routine (fasting) to instead trying a Purition Protein Smoothie instead every day for 12 consecutive days.

Purition keeps it simple and takes the stress out of healthy eating. There is no time consuming prep or cooking, minimal clean up and so many amazing benefits that I wanted to see for myself!

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“Purition is not a diet, it’s natural nutrition to help you transition to healthy eating as a sustainable way of life. By using Purition daily, swapping your usual breakfast for our new one, you are making a lifestyle change, which should lead to a healthier, more energised you.” – 

The 12 day challenge

How does the challenge work?

By swapping my normal breakfast routine for a morning Purition shake I will be reporting the results of how I feel inside and out! I will be trialling the different flavours mixing them with my favourite Almond milk to make a super natural and healthy protein shake for my morning breakfast and maybe even getting creative in the kitchen too!

How does the challenge work?

First Thoughts: So Day 1 I went with something nice & sweet, going for the strawberry flavour and adding some extra strawberries for good measure. A handful of frozen berries in the blender along side the shake was a fab idea as it was a lovely texture.

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My first thoughts regarding the taste was it was nice and sweet, but not artificially sweet like I am used to with my shakes. It was different and I could really tell that it was all made from natural foods.

In how I was feeling I didn’t notice the difference immediately however around half way in I did notice that my bloating was minimal and I was feeling fuller for longer at work and not reaching my snacks until lunchtime.

It was actually a lovely post workout meal as well, especially with the natural source of protein. It was great to fuel my body after my early morning gym sessions and Purition shakes are so easy to make, they’re quick and easy to grab & go in my gym bag for afterwards.

Purition is best blended with milk (dairy or non-dairy) as opposed to in a shaker and/or with water. It’s a nicer texture when whizzed up in a blender, I used my Breville Blender which has my smoothie made in less than 2 minutes!

My least favourite flavour of the week was Coffee + Walnut, it had a really nutty taste to it and was quite plain, in hindsight I wish I had added a banana or mixed this flavour with chocolate almond milk to sweeten it up a little more.

Why I love Purition

This product has completely changed my mornings.

Reasons why I love it: It’s made from real food. It’s not made from artificial flavours or sweeteners, the list of ingredients includes all the real foods and all the benefits that come with it. It’s a fantastic grab & go breakfast, especially for people like myself who are up early and want to get up and out to the gym before work!

Over the 12 days I did notice my body felt different, with minimal bloating, more energy and feeling fuller for longer. I really do believe this is down to the real nutritious food that Purition is made from, as I still experienced the above symptoms with my whey protein shakes.

I have loved taking part in this 12 day Purition Breakfast challenge!

Want to get started and see the results for yourself? They have the perfect box just for you where you can try their best selling flavours! Check out the Discovery Box here. It’s such a great ideas as normally other brands don’t tend to offer sample or tester boxes so it means you get to trial flavours before you commit to buying larger bags!

Lots of love, S x


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