Meet Naomi – PT & Mum reviews Purition

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Healthy nutrition and exercise is important to Naomi. She stumbled across Purition while looking for a more natural protein powder that would support her busy lifestyle. After sampling the flavours, she immediately stopped using her mainstream product, stocked up on her favourite Purition and has never looked back.

Find out how Naomi used Purition during her pregnancy and how she continues to use it to help her focus on eating well while coping with the demands of motherhood and a busy work life.

What inspired you to become a PT?

I didn’t come from a sporty background, but started to take proper interest in my health and fitness in my early twenties. As I pushed myself further, I started to realise it really was possible to get fit, strong and capable of hitting some pretty good times in running races.

I was keen to help other people, particularly those completely new to exercise and show that getting in shape and feeling fitter wasn’t just for those who were already dedicated gym goers.

What does your daily routine look like?

On a personal training day, I’m usually up at 5:15am to get to the gym in time for my 7:30am client. I often have clients back to back with just a couple of 10 minute breaks mid morning, then stop quickly for lunch before more clients and teaching a circuits class in the afternoon.

I try and squeeze in a quick half hour training session myself, although this doesn’t always go to plan! I finish the day mid-late afternoon, when I go home to spend a bit of time with my partner Stuart and baby girl, Grace.

How do you stay focused on your healthy eating goals?

I love to keep a food diary and encourage my clients to do the same. Writing things down makes you accountable and highlights all those sneaky things that can otherwise be conveniently forgotten such as the custard creams with your afternoon cuppa!

It also shows where there are gaps in your overall nutrition. For instance you might look back over the previous week and notice you’ve really scrimped on your veg intake so you make a conscious effort to include more.

Why do you love Purition?

Quite simply because there are no artificial ingredients in it. I’ve been trying to cut down on all the nasties in lots of different things over the past year or so, particularly in food and beauty products.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I was on the hunt for an alternative protein powder, which would support my training goals as well as provide nourishment for both myself and my baby.

What made Purition stand out compared with other brands? 

I just couldn’t find anything else that consisted of totally natural ingredients and was available in a variety of flavours. It was also hard to find anything else that was suitable during pregnancy – I even contacted some other brands at the time about this who said they couldn’t say if their product was safe during this time or not.

How did Purition benefit you during your pregnancy?

I was able to keep my fibre intake high and it provided me and my baby with valuable nutrition. Certain foods I went right off during trimester one – even healthy things – but I was always able to stick with Purition thankfully!

How do you manage a healthy lifestyle with a new baby?

It’s definitely all about planning! Oh and accepting that I need to work with a new routine now. I try and plan quicker meals for dinner – stir fry with chicken is a firm favourite, using frozen stir fry veg for ease.

I also add scoops of Purition to lots of foods as a way of easily boosting nutrient intake. In terms of exercise, I rarely have time for anything longer than 30 minutes now so I do short and snappy routines, which can be easily fitted in around the baby. I make them really focused, whether that’s with some cardio, kettlebells, bodyweight stuff or just some yoga.

Grace either naps, or if she’s awake then the workout is short enough for her to be thoroughly entertained as she watches me!

Naomi, what’s your…

Favourite way of having Purition? Definitely in pancakes or blended into a smoothie.

Favourite type of exercise? Weights!

Favourite snack? Cashew butter on wholegrain toast.

Best place to eat out? Hmm, I love a proper Italian pizza so would have to say Zizzi!

Three people you would invite to a dinner party (this can be anyone!)? This is a tricky one! Jamie Oliver I think so that he could cook something fancy for me, Stephen Hawking if he were still around as he’d be so fascinating to talk to, and then definitely Brad Pitt.

Your perfect weekend consists of... Having tea brought to me in bed and cuddles with my baby girl, before fitting in a quick 20 minute HIIT workout and a yummy breakfast (made for me of course, with the washing up done as well). Then a stroll into town with Stuart and Grace to feed the squirrels and for a nice potter around the shops. I’m happy with a quiet night in, so a relaxing soak in the bath with a mag would be lovely. Followed by cuddling Grace into bed and curling up on the sofa to watch a good film with Stuart.

Thank you Naomi for taking the time out of your busy lifestyle to talk to us about your experiences with Purition!


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