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We care about the big difference that a number of small steps can make, which is why we are very pleased to let you know that since February 2018, we stopped including a plastic scoop in every Purition pouch.

We believe we were the very first company to do this; and we plan to go even further in 2021! We used to put a recycled (and recyclable) plastic scoop in every 500g pack of Purition, but we began to question how we could reduce unnecessary plastic use as a company.

A number of customers also asked us about our environmental policy and the use of plastic scoops. For instance:


I am a huge fan of your product. I have been buying the vegan chocolate mixture for months. However, I honestly don’t know if I can justify continuing to buy it when there is a plastic spoon in every packet. This is an unnecessary waste of plastic, and when (like me) you try and re-use plastic and not use any single-use plastic, you start to see how much waste builds up.

Given that most plastic is not recycled, the fact is that this plastic will likely end up in our food and water supply, which is somewhat ironic given that our aim here is clearly to eat healthily. This is surely at odds with Purition’s brand values and image. Incidentally, most people buying the vegan mixture are probably fairly environmentally conscious (part of why they are vegan) and this has to be an issue for them.

Consumers are capable of measuring 40g without the help of a plastic spoon, and if we’re not, then we need to learn to be.”

This was something Team Purition had been talking about for some months – we completely agreed.

We didn’t waste much time talking, instead deciding to take action as soon as we could. We now kindly ask our customers to use a scale to weigh out their 40g serving, use 4 or 5 rounded heaped teaspoons or a 1/3 cup baking measure.

We’ve cut out over 1000kgs of single use plastic

by removing plastic scoops from every bag.

Latest figure: 1354kg, updated July 2020. That’s equal to 12 cubic metres of unnecessary plastic!


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