Meet Jo - new mum & local ‘Crossfitter’

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Find out how Jo used Purition during pregnancy, and how she continues to use it to help her focus on eating well to feel well whilst coping with the demands of a baby.

How did you use Purition during your pregnancy?

I used Purition for post pregnancy workouts as I managed to continue to exercise throughout. I found Purition kept me fuller post workout and helped curb the pregnancy hunger!

How has it helped using it with CrossFit?

I have IBS so have found it difficult in the past to find a post workout fuel that suits me. Purition tastes natural and great, not like a lot of the protein shakes I have tried which can taste artificial. It’s great for taking to work as a post early morning workout shake and with breakfast. I have found recovery from exercise harder since having a baby, so Purition is helping me recover nutritionally.

What or who inspired you to join CrossFit?

After previously gaining a lot of weight whilst at university, I joined a gym and found a new love for fitness. I began some weight training and high intensity cardio classes at a conventional gym and loved them. A friend mentioned CrossFit and said I would enjoy it. I started watching videos of CrossFit athletes doing their thing and instantly wanted to try it. I was inspired by how fit, strong and badass the women looked and signed up for my first class the next day!

How do you make time to train with a new baby?

Finding time to train with a baby is tricky, but having supportive family and friends helps massively. My Husband watches our son whilst I do the early evening CrossFit class and then we swap over so we can both train. Our son loves being at the gym with us, getting all the attention from our fellow Crossfitters! We do home workouts, lots of walking, parent and baby yoga and I have a bike set up on a turbo trainer to use whilst he naps. We are also in the process of setting up a garage gym to use when we can’t get to the box.

How do you stay focused on your healthy eating goals?

This is tough when you are tired and have a new baby! I try to make sure I have breakfast every day as it’s an easy meal to miss. Most days I have Purition for breakfast and it makes life so much easier because it’s easy to drink whilst feeding my son! I feel good that I know I’ve started my day healthy and it stops me snacking in the morning. I try to eat healthily and not just grab sugary snacks, although if I do this occasionally I try not to give myself a hard time. I have done nutrition courses before and found that knowing the science behind eating healthier helps me stay on track, as I’m more aware of what I’m putting into my body. I think you have to have a good balance though, and I never cut things out of my diet specifically to lose weight.

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Training through pregnancy

Jo, what’s your…

Go to post workout meal? Chicken stir fry with wholewheat noodles.

Favourite healthy snack? Peanut butter on wholegrain toast with a banana sliced on top!

Energising workout tune? Arctic Monkey’s – I Bet You Look Good on The Dance Floor. Short, sharp, fast paced and great to run to!

Favourite type of training? Long ‘Chipper’ style CrossFit workouts, road cycling and olympic weight lifting.

Your perfect weekend consists of... A visit to the box for a weekend workout with my husband, son and gym pals. Then a well deserved lunch out, long walk and time with family or friends in the evening.

Thank you to Jo for talking to us about how she juggles motherhood, fitness and nutrition.

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