Meet Ali Cooper – PT, coach, pilates teacher, runner and mother

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For the past 16 years Ali Cooper has trained and worked with amazing adults, children, groups and companies. Her experience, knowledge and passion help people to achieve their health and fitness goals and be the best they can.

Ali’s fitness journey began in childhood and from a young age was a keen athlete and played competitive sports. Furthering her sport knowledge at University, a career as a fitness trainer was a natural path to take. Numerous qualifications in personal training, Pilates, nutrition, children’s fitness and health and sports coaching. Ali also competes in running as an elite marathon runner, in cross country and on the track.

What inspired you to become a PT?

My background and love of sport and the feeling of being fit and healthy led me to a degree in Sports Science, and a complete passion of all things related to health and fitness from a young age and constantly helping people to become fit.

Can you give us a taster of your training regime and how you make time for it?

I train most days a week but focus on 5 key sessions for cardio: always a long run on a weekend (approx. 90 mins), then in the week I do 2 specific sessions of things like interval, threshold, hills, tempo, I then drop in easy runs around 45 mins to an hour on the other days.

I use the gym use free weights, kettle bells, bands and own body exercises and aim for 3 sessions a week and like to mix it up with circuits, specific muscle groups and body parts or simply an upper body and lower body workout. I throw in core exercises throughout the week.

Of course, in all this I’m training clients and running classes so am always moving and of course having children means I’m always on the go at other times!

How do you stay focused on your training goals?

I love to feel fit and healthy so that helps. I have built up a great group of running friends to call on and meet up for training sessions and I have a gym at home so can fit it in around the family without too much disruption to family life. I will have a goal in mind as well such as a specific race to work towards.

What’s your favourite real food, simple supper family recipe?

Roast chicken, vegetables and sweet potatoes – whole family love it too!

What three key pieces of advice would you give to someone who wants to improve their nutrition?

Don’t ever think of being on a diet - sounds depressing without even starting! Eat wholesome food consisting of good quality carbs, protein and fat and cut as much sugar out your diet as possible, limit alcohol. Plan ahead and have healthy snacks ready to eat for when you need them.

Ali, what’s your…

Favourite type of training? Has to be running!

Go to post workout meal? Purition (I’m not joking!) or natural yoghurt with seeds and fruit.

Favourite healthy snack? Nuts!

Energising workout tune? Christina Aguilera – Fighter!

Your perfect weekend consists of... Fun with the family, running, sunshine or snow, laughter, yummy food, meeting friends or a good party on a Saturday evening and watching the kids do a sport or all together either live or on TV.

Great talking to you Ali! Thank you so much for sharing all your tips and tricks with us – there’s some great take home advice there for everyone. 

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