Can you eat like this?


Purition for your first meal of the day Monday-Friday, at whatever time you prefer. Enjoy a cooked breakfast at the weekend...

Lunch or snack plate

A healthy lunch doesn’t have to be a recipe or require much effort. It can be a collection of 3 or 4 ready to eat or quick to prep ingredients. Include some protein, non-starchy vegetables and healthy fats. Use olive oil and vinegar or lemon juice for a simple dressing.

Evening meal

It doesn't need to be anymore complicated than protein and vegetables.

This is food that you can eat to lose weight, be healthy, feel good or just to make life easier! For more ideas sign up to The Daily Feed, our free Weekly Meal Plans complete with shopping list - sent by email or text every Saturday morning.

Forget calories! Your hands provide perfect portion sizes

A palm sized
portion of protein

A thumb sized 
portion of healthy fats

Two handfuls of green, leafy or colourful vegetables

 A fist sized portion of carbs for weight maintenance, less for weight loss





Wine or 0.5% beer