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Sugar, it’s a hot topic. Exposed as the real villain behind obesity, sugar is now at the centre of much debate. After years of turning a blind eye, governments are being forced to take action as the epidemic continues to spiral out of control.

For a long time the finger was pointed at dietary fat (simply because it has twice the number of calories gram for gram than sugar/carbs) which was blamed for all our weight-gain woes.

It’s only more recently that science has confirmed excess sugar as being the main culprit. No longer just a treat, but a staple part of our diet, from breakfast to supper we are ingesting the sweet stuff all day long. In Britain alone, sugar consumption has increased by 31% since 1990. But let’s be clear, this isn’t just the type of sugar you buy in bags at the corner shop.

It’s the invisible or ‘hidden’ sugar that’s slipped into food and drink by manufacturers. Cereal, yogurt, pasta, even market leading weight loss shakes – the stuff is everywhere and as a nation we are well and truly hooked!

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Artificial sweeteners

With obesity on the rise at an extremely worrying rate the Government has no choice but to crack down on sugar. Gone are the days when manufacturers could shift responsibility onto the consumer. It’s no longer enough to simply cut a couple of calories here or add the odd nutrition label there. Manufacturers are now feeling the pressure to significantly lower sugar content in their products.

“Tackling the obesity crisis needs the whole food industry to step up, in particular those businesses that have as yet taken little or no action.”

Duncan Selbie, Chief Executive at Public Health England

Sugar is frantically being swapped for artificial sweeteners that have the same (or more) sweetness and less calories. But reformulating recipes like this is not without its consequences. There is bound to be a change in the taste of a product and not necessarily in a good way. Will customers remain loyal? Possibly not.

There’s also the question of how people feel about filling their bodies with artificial sweeteners, many of which are produced synthetically. While recent studies seem to clear any association with cancer (despite common belief), filling our bodies with chemicals it still not a particularly reassuring thought.

Naturally low in sugar

But if we’re to get on top of the obesity epidemic, or even just improve our diet and be more healthy, we need to lower the amount of sugar that we’re consuming. Purition can help with this and in a totally natural way that excludes artificial sweeteners, chemicals and other nasties.

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Unlike most protein powders and meal replacement drinks, Purition is about keeping things simple. There’s no need to worry about crazy ingredients you can’t pronounce or artificial sweeteners by the bucketload. We use a hint of stevia (a natural, plant-based sweetener) simply to balance the taste – rather than add to it – and that’s all. Nothing more and nothing less.

It can take a couple of days to get used to the taste of Purition. We’re all so used to sugar and sweetness in our diets that it can be a bit of a shock to the system. But stick with us and you’ll soon see that Purition is filling, nourishing and naturally delicious (with no added sugar). Perfect for fuelling your day the right way.

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