Appalachian Trail record attempt

Outdoors; Kristian Morgan running the South West Coastal Path.

We’re proud to be partnered with British ultra runner, Kristian Morgan, as he sets out to break the fastest known time (FKT) record for the Appalachian Trail in America. It’s one of the most iconic long-distance hiking routes in the world, covering a distance the equivalent of two and a half times the length of Great Britain, with an elevation gain equal to climbing Mount Everest 16 times.

The current FKT was set by Belgian Karel Sabbe in 2018, who was supported by Kristian. To beat it, Kristian will need to cover 2,190 miles—passing through 14 states and a stunning diversity of terrain and landscapes—in under 41 days, 7 hours and 39 minutes.

Kristian aims to average around 55 miles per day, which is the same as running two back-to-back marathons for 41 days straight. But with his superhuman ability to run like Forrest Gump and his extraordinary mental resilience, we know he’s got everything it takes to steal the record!

Outdoors; Kristian Morgan our on the Appalachian Trail, USA.

Fuelled by Purition

Getting the right fuel throughout the trail is paramount to Kristian’s success. He’ll need to consume around 10,000 calories per day and the same amount of protein as a bodybuilder to repair and rebuild his muscles.

“During the attempt, I will take a variety of Purition flavours out with me to America. You better believe that each time I roll into a meet point the first thing I will ask for is my Purition smoothie!

My support team will make sure each day I have three servings of Purition, morning, afternoon and night. Getting in a serving of Purition several times a day with my summer berries and spinach will really help me to tick that high-quality protein box.

I’ve had the support of Purition for the past two years. They are a great group of people who really are passionate about their product and have supported me during my training and ultras.”

A note from Kristian Morgan

“My love for the mountains and wildlife was inspired by watching documentaries about the Appalachian mountains and black bears.

Going out there whilst helping set the record in 2018 and seeing a bear with my own eyes for the first time as an adult was life-changing. Every hair on my body stood up to attention and I suddenly felt like all my senses were on full alert!

Covering 55 miles per day over mountainous terrain excites me, but the challenges are many. As this is a supported attempt, good teamwork is critical and I’ll need to stay physically and mentally focused at all times.“

Outdoors; Kristian Morgan training at sunset.
Digital image of 3 x 500g bags of Purition

Fuel your training with one of Kristian’s favourite Purition flavours


“To be the record holder of this particular long-distance trail means everything to me and I’ve dedicated the past four years of my life to be fully prepared. Don’t dream, wake up and live it!”

Kristian Morgan

Outdoors; woodland.
Outdoors; Kristian Morgan holding a bag of Purition wholefood nutrition wearing his Purition T-shirt.
Outdoors; Kristian Morgan at the summit.
Outdoors; Kristian Morgan mid trail, fuelling up next to the van we sponsored for the trail.
Outdoors; Kristian Morgan's Garmin tracker.
Outdoors; Kristian Morgan along the Appalachian Trail.
Outdoors; British countryside at sunset.
Outdoors; Kristian Morgan on the AT, USA.

Kristian Morgan is fundraising to cover some of the costs of his Appalachian Trail speed record attempt, which include flights, food and equipment. 10% of all money raised will go to Cancer Research UK.

Keep updated with Kristian’s progress using the links below.

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