How to use Purition for weight loss

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Thousands of people use Purition for weight loss without a diet plan (and without counting calories) by replacing one or two less nutritious meals with Purition. This change alone can have a significant impact.

But we understand that some people want a little more guidance. Grab yourself a cuppa, a coffee or a glass of water and learn how to achieve great nutrition, unlock your optimal health and lose weight with Purition!

Lose weight: The Purition way

First things first, Purition is not a miracle weight loss powder. It’s a healthy bunch of whole foods to help you improve your nutrition and unlock sustainable weight loss. Purition simply makes improving your diet and nutrition much easier.

We recommend either of the following strategies to lose weight with Purition:

Infographic showing; 2 different strategies to use Purition for wiehgt-loss whether you're used to eating 2 or 3 meals a day.

Why whole foods work for weight loss...

Your biology makes you hungry for food so that you consume vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fats that your body can't make on its own.

Ultra-processed food doesn’t contain many of these valuable nutrients, so doesn't satisfy your hunger for long. 

Eating more whole foods means you'll automatically be giving your body more protein, more fibre, more essential fats and more vitamins. That means you'll naturally feel fuller on fewer calories, without having to track your food intake.

That's why Purition works – it's made with simple whole food ingredients, not the ultra-processed powders you'll find in most other diet shakes. By using Purition for one of your daily meals, 33% of your diet will instantly come from whole foods!

Spend a few weeks making Purition a part of your daily routine before making improvements to your other meals. When you're ready, here are our tips for doing so:

What to eat for your other meals

1. Cook with whole foods

Start basing your day-to-day meals on natural whole foods, rather than ultra-processed food or ready meals. This way, you’ll naturally eat fewer (but better quality) calories, without having to track.

Whole foods are single ingredients that have been grown or reared outdoors, which can be eaten without being industrially processed or refined. Think fruit, veg, nuts, seeds, lean meat (tofu & tempeh if you're vegan) poultry, seafood, milk, eggs, herbs and spices. You'll find a more comprehensive list in the next section.

We understand that it's unrealistic to never eat a processed food again. But by basing the majority of your diet on real, whole foods, the occasional pizza or slice of cake won't derail your weight loss goals. Consistency beats perfection!

2. Include protein, fibre & some healthy fats

We’d recommend using your hand to build out a healthy and balanced meal. Do this for a week or so and it’ll start coming naturally to you.

Every meal should (roughly) contain:

Infographic showing how to measure the right amount of protein, fibre and fats for your evening meal, using your hand.

Stay flexible with this concept and adjust your portion sizes based on your hunger and fullness. The most important thing is to eat until you feel comfortably full, as that means you’ll be less likely to snack and overeat later on.

This is by no means a complete list of foods, but here’s some inspiration to get you started:

Infographic showing; a simple list of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats to include in your diet.

Aren't all fats bad for you? Nope, that's a myth. Natural fats found in avocado, nuts, nut butter, olives and oily fish are energy-dense and nutritious. Plus, in the absence of refined and starchy carbs and sugar, healthy fats are incredibly satisfying! Find out more on the blog.

3. Reduce refined carbohydrates

When it comes to weight loss, refined carbs like bread, rice, noodles and pasta should be kept to a minimum. Thankfully, filling up on protein, healthy fats and vegetables will help you avoid eating too many refined carbs. It really is that simple!

Switch out refined and starchy carbs (mainly simple sugars) for green leafy and colourful vegetables (technically carbs too, but mainly water and fibre!). Take a look at our simple swaps to get started.

4. Choose non-starchy vegetables

We love vegetables. They’re nutrient-dense and packed with fibre and essential vitamins and minerals. But when it comes to weight loss, vegetables are not built equally.

Infographic showing; how to choose non-starchy veggies.

Veggies grown above ground are naturally low in starchy carbohydrate (sugar) as they are mainly water, fibre and vitamins and minerals. Veggies grown below ground are high in starchy carbs (sugar), which can spike your blood sugar levels and leave you feeling hungry shortly after eating. 

That’s why we always say leave the starchy vegetables (potatoes, parsnips, carrots) and double-up on the non-starchy veggies (leafy greens, peppers, aubergines, broccoli, cauliflower, courgette and loads more) instead. 

What to drink for weight-loss

Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water – at least 1.5 litres per day. If you’re not keen on the taste, try adding a few ice cubes plus a slice of lemon, lime or cucumber. Or why not try it hot with lemon, especially come wintertime?

Be mindful of what you’re adding to your hot drinks. 4 cups of tea a day with 2 sugars, for example, quickly adds up and could stall your progress. Try to drink your tea and coffee unsweetened, if you can. It might be easier to reduce the amount of sugar gradually, over the course of a few weeks.

Most of us enjoy a glass or two at the weekend and that’s ok in moderation, but try to cut it out during the week. A glass of red or a gin & tonic at the weekend won’t derail your weight loss goals, but excessive drinking will. 

Snacking & weight loss

If you’re using Purition for one or two meals a day and cooking healthy, balanced meals for your others, you shouldn’t feel the need to snack in between meals. 

If you find that a 40g serving isn't enough to satisfy your appetite, increase the portion size to 50g. You should also try adding a more generous portion of protein (lean meat, eggs, tofu etc) to your home-cooked meals. Make sure you’re drinking enough water, too – hunger and thirst signals often get twisted!

With that said, there are times when, for whatever reason, you need or want to enjoy a snack. Rather than reaching for a packet of crisps or a sugar-packed chocolate bar, choose something nutrient-dense and low-carb when you can. Here are our go-to options:

  • 20g serving of Purition mixed with plain or Greek yoghurt
  • A handful of nuts or seeds
  • 5 or 6 olives
  • A boiled egg
  • Half a tin of tuna
  • A thumb-sized piece of cheese

Get more snack ideas in our easy low-carb snacks for weight loss guide.

Rounding it all up...

Made it to the end? You’re ready to start using Purition, combined with healthy whole food meals, to lose weight, supercharge your nutrition and unlock your optimal health.

Let’s re-cap on the key points to take away:

  • Have Purition for 1 or 2 of your daily meals
  • Cook simple meals using natural ingredients
  • Prioritise protein, fibre and healthy fats
  • Load up on green, colourful, non-starchy vegetables
  • Drink plenty of liquid – water, tea, coffee
  • Limit processed foods and sugar
  • Avoid alcohol, fizzy drinks & juices

By following these recommendations, you’ll develop a satisfying, nutritious and healthy real food diet. This will not only help you to achieve your short-term weight loss goals, but leave you with great nutrition and healthy eating habits that stick around for life!


Have a question or need some extra guidance on your Purition weight loss journey? Get in touch on — we’d be happy to help.

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