Purition helped me switch up my diet for weight-loss

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Hi. I’m Sam.

I am a community colleague for Dunelm. My role involves a lot of work on facebook and supporting my local community through charity work and volunteering within the community. It's a predominantly office based role which means a lot of sitting, so not great if you want to lose a pound or two.

My spare time/ side hustle is baking bespoke celebration cakes which is also not great if you want to lose weight.

I tried all different slimming clubs & diets... failing with all

I have an underactive thyroid and use medication for bipolar. The side effects are increased appetite and weight gain so for many years I have literally battled with my weight.

I was basically permanently on a diet. Always restricting what I was eating and ultimately falling off the waggon every other day when the sugar cravings kicked in.

 I have tried all different slimming clubs and diets... failing with all.

Before Purition my diet was erratic, I’d given up trying to lose weight

Before I was introduced to Purition I had all but given up trying to lose weight, I just felt like a slug.

My self confidence was so low my diet was erratic, eating very little in the day then eating my way through the fridge in the evening.... and then in September 2022 I was told about Purition by a friend... I was sceptical but decided I had nothing to lose so ordered myself 12 of the sample packets.

I have mine in the morning mixed with Greek yoghurt and have to say I look forward to my breakfast so much now half the time my mouth is literally watering when I am making it ... my absolute favourite flavour (surprisingly as I'm a chocoholic) is cherry bakewell, it is delicious!

I am no longer hungry throughout the day and am in control

I noticed almost immediately after starting with Purition that I was not hungry throughout the day and didn't have the urge to snack.. I also, alongside Purition, reduced the amount of carbs I was eating which Purition is low carb so great!

I am now totally in control of my diet. Because I'm not snacking through the day on junk food I am able to make much healthier guilt free food choices because I no longer crave sugar! 

I’ve dropped 3 dress sizes with very little effort

I have lost 1 stone 9lb. I have gone from a size 18 to a tight size 12 with virtually no effort.

For me this is a no brainer.. I could keep going to slimming clubs. And feel totally demoralised and pay £7 for the privilege or I can spend my money on Purition, feel good about myself AND get a lovely meal with my money!

I physically feel more energised & quite frankly fabulous!

Now I don't know if this is a coincidence but I've also had loads of comments about how well I'm looking, people are commenting how good my hair and skin looks. People never used to comment before.

I physically feel more energised and quite frankly fabulous! I have Purition around 5 times a week and have absolutely no intention of removing it from my diet... I think I'm their biggest fan!

Purition's helped me to curb cravings for the junk & sugar

Before discovering Purition, I used to have 2 rounds of white toast for breakfast. Now I have Purition with full fat Greek yoghurt, I don't snack before lunch now.. I tend to have very light lunches of fresh fruit, yoghurt or homemade veg soup. My dinners now are very varied. I eat pretty much whatever I like except I don't eat many processed foods, bread or stodgy carbs. I prefer to cook meals from scratch.. I no longer crave sugar or bread. My massive bloated tummy has gone!

It sounds silly, but I used to binge on junk all the time, and I felt sluggish. But since I discovered Purition it's completely curbed those cravings, making eating good whole foods easy and enjoyable... it's not a diet, it's just a little lifestyle change and because I'm no longer dieting I don't feel like I'm missing out... and each week a little more weight disappears.

If you have, like me, tried every single useless diet going then why not try swapping a meal for Purition and start enjoying looking and feeling your best self. X

If you have a story that you’d like to share with us, we’d love to hear from you! Send an email to hello@purition.co.uk with a brief intro. about yourself and your experience and we'll be in touch.


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