How to get more protein at breakfast

A full glass of Purition wholefood meal shake with labels up the front of the glass listing; Protein, Natural fats, Fibre, Low sugar, Gluten free.

It’s essential that you start the day in such a way that your energy levels are sufficiently high so that you will not need to snack between meals.

Thankfully, a 40g serving of Purition for breakfast – or your first meal of the day – makes this so easy. It’s high in protein, but also fibre and healthy fats which are a fantastic combination to start your day on the right foot. You’ll feel fuller for longer, with lots of energy to fuel the day ahead.

All the extra nutrients might take a little adjusting to – our bodies can ‘grumble’ a little when we make the slightest dietary change. Allow some adjustment time for this. If you have a tummy grumble mid-morning, have a large glass of water or an extra cup of tea or coffee – often, hunger signals are signals of thirst.

Purition recipe ideas

Eating a high-protein breakfast is easy if you make Purition your go-to 5 or 6 days a week. Here are some easy serving ideas to get you started.

Person in the kitchen blending a Purition shake.

Simple shake: Blend 40g Purition with 200–250ml milk/milk alternative and any extras (try a handful of frozen berries!).

Person stirring a serving of Purition into a glass bowl of yoghurt for a quick & easy meal.

Quick yoghurt bowl: Stir 40g Purition into 150g Greek, plain or coconut yoghurt. Add some fruit or chopped nuts, if you’d like.

Person about to tuck in to a bowl of Purition instant porridge.

Instant porridge: Put 40g Purition in a bowl and add a dash of hot milk or water. Stir and add more liquid if you need to.

Cooked breakfast ideas

Here are 3 of our favourite cooked breakfast ideas to try on days when you have more time (or would prefer to have a cooked brekkie and then have Purition for lunch instead).

The classic English breakfast – or your version of!

Enjoy your choice of:

Eggs: Fried, poached, boiled or scrambled
Oven-baked or grilled meats: Good-quality sausage, black pudding, bacon
Optional: Half an avocado, wilted spinach, fried mushrooms, grilled tomato

Colourful cooked english breakfast on a plate; grilled crispy bacon and sausage, half a sliced avocado and a fried egg - sunny side up!

Skip the toast and baked beans. If you’d prefer a meat-free breakfast, try eggs paired with cooked veggies.

Scrambled Eggs

There are so many ways to make scrambled eggs. Everyone seems to have their own technique, but here’s how we do it:

1. Melt a knob of butter in a frying pan on a medium heat.
2. In a bowl, whisk 2 or 3 eggs per person with salt & pepper.
3. Add the beaten eggs to the pan.
4. Stir occasionally while they cook through for a few minutes.

Person beating some eggs in a bowl about to make scrambled eggs.
Serving ideas…
  • Pair with a slice or two of bacon, black pudding or fried mushrooms
  • Stir through a couple of handfuls of wilted spinach whilst cooking
  • Serve with 1 or 2 slices of smoked salmon or a small fillet of hot smoked salmon
  • Add some grated cheddar cheese
  • Top with a dollop of sour cream (or whisk in with the eggs)
  • Sprinkle with fresh herbs, chopped spring onions or some sliced chilli & coriander

Breakfast omelette or frittata

This is a lovely breakfast to enjoy at home! It’s pretty portable too, so makes a good option for lunch when you’re on the go or at work. Serve it up with some leafy greens – delicious!

It’s prepared much in the same way as the scrambled eggs. This time, you just leave the eggs to cook through in the pan without stirring. You can either flip or fold the omelette to cook through or pop it under the grill.

In this recipe, we added some crumbled feta cheese, spring onions and served with a side of peppery rocket, but you could use any of the servings suggestions we listed for scrambled eggs.

A photograph of a homemade feta cheese and spring onion frittata, with a side of rocket salad.

Find more ideas in our healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss guide.

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