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5 Easy Tofu Recipes

Tandoori Tofu

Tandoori Tofu

Smoked Tandoori Tofu

⏱️ 30 mins + marinade, 3 main ingredients

This is so so good! You don't have to, but if you can, marinade for a few hours or even overnight, it just gets even better!

Tofu Meatballs

Tofu Meatballs

Tofu 'Meatballs' with Marinara Sauce

⏱️ 40 mins, 2 main ingredients

If there are any left... these tofu 'meatballs' are an excellent option for meal prep. Win!

Tofu Traybake

Tofu Traybake with Roasted Mediterranean Veg.jpg__PID:04235005-1cbd-44c5-8028-ba1a223aff37

Tofu Traybake with Roasted Mediterranean Veg

⏱️  40 mins, 1 main ingredient

A real simple and tasty mid-week one-pot traybake. Perfect!

Tofu Tacos

Smoked Tofu cooked.png__PID:7be7be37-f083-42db-bfbf-3a4d038b2d3b

Smoked Tofu Chipotle 'Tacos'

⏱️  25 mins, 2 main ingredients

Serve with roasted squash or sweet potato wedges and enjoy any night of the week!

Tofu Pad Thai

Tofu pad thai 2.png__PID:485e2ccb-bdc2-4502-af05-8ca9c44d2c74

Noodle Free Tofu Pad Thai

⏱️  30 mins, 5 main ingredients

Inspired by a classic Thai recipe, we love how this version can be easily adapted to make it your own & it's so simple!